Segovia Day Trip from Madrid: One Day Itinerary

Segovia Spain

A day trip to Segovia from Madrid is a must if you have some extra days to spare when visiting Spain’s capital. Though this beautiful city is located in the Spanish region of Castile and León, and thus outside the region of Madrid, it is still a very easy day trip from Madrid. Many tourist buses offer a combined (and therefore slightly rushed) organized day trip from Madrid to both Segovia and Ávila. But if you are the type who prefers to do it yourself and explore Segovia at your own pace, keep reading for an easy, breezy one day Segovia itinerary from Madrid.

How to Get to Segovia from Madrid

To get to Segovia from Madrid, you will take a bus. This isn’t a public city bus, but rather a bus line running specifically between Segovia and Madrid. Tickets cost €4.19 each way, and the journey time is about seventy-five minutes each way. You can view timetables and buy the bus tickets online from the official site in advance for an additional €1.20 fee, or you can buy the tickets at the departure station on the day of. When selecting your bus ticket times, I recommend budgeting an absolute minimum of six hours in Segovia, but ideally seven or eight if you plan to have a sit-down meal.

On the day of the Segovia day trip, start your day in Madrid. Head to the Moncloa metro station, which is on metro line 3 (the yellow line). If you do ride the metro to get here, exit the metro portion of the station, but do not exit the station itself!

If you already have your mobile ticket, from within the Moncloa station, look for signs for the bus terminal. Ask Metro station staff for help if you need. You will go down to the lowest level of the station, where there is a bus terminal. Locate the AvanzaBus with the sign “Segovia” on its dashboard, display your mobile or printed ticket, and you’re good to go!

If you are purchasing your bus ticket on the day of, instead of heading to the lowest level of the Moncloa station, first look for the AvanzaBus ticket booth. Again, ask Metro station staff for help locating it if you need. After purchasing the ticket, then head to the bus terminal.

Things to Do in Segovia

Before you know it, your bus from Madrid will be dropping you off in the beautiful city of Segovia. There is honestly so much to see with one day in Segovia! So I recommend checking things out in the order I have them below.

Roman Aqueduct of Segovia (Acueducto de Segovia)

Head to the Plaza del Azoguejo, where it’s impossible to miss the large and imposing aqueduct. This beautiful piece of Roman architecture is practically the emblem of Segovia and is without a doubt the main attraction in Segovia. It was built during the 1st century and supplied water into the 20th century. The Aqueduct of Segovia is one of the largest and best-preserved of the Roman world.

Segovia Cathedral (Catedral de Segovia)

The next large attraction on your self-guided Segovia itinerary is the Segovia Cathedral. This Gothic-style Roman Catholic is located in Segovia’s Plaza Mayor (or main square). It is actually one of the last cathedrals to have been built in a Gothic style. Entry into the cathedral is €3. While the cathedral itself is quite large and beautiful, I recommend adding the extra €4 to see the tower. This is a one-hour guided tour at set times each day. You can view the cathedral and tour hours, as well as reserve tickets in advance, online at the official site.

Walls of Segovia (Murallas de Segovia)

From the Cathedral, make your way through the historically Jewish Quarter (La Judería) until you reach the city walls. Walk west, where you will enjoy stunning views of the surrounding countryside and even get to walk on some parts of the walls. Keep walking along the walls and watch the fairytale-like Alcázar get closer and closer, until you finally arrive at its gate.

Segovia Castle (Alcázar de Segovia)

The third main attraction in Segovia is the Alcázar. Entry into this picture-perfect castle is €6 for just the palace and museum, but I absolutely insist you add an additional €3 to enter the tower. You can view opening hours, prices, and purchase tickets in advance online at the official site.

Viewpoints (Los Miradores)

You’ll have done a lot of walking by this point. But if you can muster up the energy, I highly recommend leaving the city walls and checking out some of the viewpoints to the south. First, head to the Jewish Cemetery (Cementerio Judío. Segovia. El Pinarillo). Then, follow the path heading west, up the hill. Once you reach the flat part uptop, continue walking west for some really nice vantage points of the Segovia Cathedral and the Alcázar. You’ll even find a park bench to sit a while and enjoy. (Open the Google Maps link to the viewpoint here.)

Any Questions on this Segovia One Day Itinerary?

Have you visited Segovia, or Madrid? Do you have any questions on how to make this Segovia day trip from Madrid? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

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