How to Plan a Trip: 10 Steps

It may seem daunting, but planning a trip is easier with these tips and tricks.

Choose the Destination

Tip: Use Skyscanner's "everywhere" search to rank travel destination by cheapest flight price from your selected airport.


Select the Travel Dates

Tip: Quickly Google temperature and rainfall averages by month, as seasons might be entirely different than in your home country.


Decide What Things to Do

Tip: Confirm availability for any must-do activities before booking, like hiking trail passes, music festivals, or sporting events.


Create the Itinerary

Tip: Use Google Sheets to list each attraction in a cell, then group and rearrange cells into days to begin your rough itinerary.


Book (Cheap) Flights

Tip: Discount airlines and budget seats often restrict baggage allowance, so double-check to avoid extra fees at the airport.


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