Classic Italy Itinerary

Top Italy destinations for a 14 day, 10 day, or 7 day Italy itinerary


Former epicenter of the mighty Roman Empire and current capital of a united Italy, Rome is a must-visit.


Known for romanic gondola rides and narrow alleyways, the beauty that is Venice will leave you wowed.


Encircled by rolling Tuscan hills and birthplace of Europe's Renaissance, Florence is every art lover's dream.

Cinque Terre

Once considered off-the-beaten-path, the villages of the Cinque Terre are now integral to any Italy itinerary.

Amalfi Coast

A collection of pastel-colored villages nestled into soaring cliffs, the Amalfi Coast is heaven on earth.


As fashion capital of Italy and home to Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, Milan warrants a quick stop.


With a leaning tower that has become synonymous with the word "tourism" itself, Pisa is worth a visit.


Tragically destroyed by a volcano eruption centuries ago, Pompeii is a frozen-in-time look at Roman living.


A celebrity favorite, the rugged island of Capri is perfect for lovers of artisanal shopping and limoncello.


Famed for stunning lacework and colorful houses, the island of Burano is an easy half-day trip from Venice.

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