Teach English in Spain

This popular program is your ticket to a year or more in Spain as an English language assistant.


This Spanish government program lets Americans and Canadians move to Spain to teach English in schools.

Program Details

The online application is free, work is 12 - 16 hrs over 4 days a week, and pay is €700 - €1000 per month.

How to Qualify

Applicants must hold a US or Canadian passport, be 18 - 60 years old, hold a college degree, and speak English at a native level.

Interested Already?

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This region is located in the center of the country and is home to Spain's capital and largest city by the same name.


Bordering the Mediterranean Sea and home to the city of Barcelona, this region tends to be a traveler favorite.


Sitting just 36 miles north of Morocco, this region is known for strong Moorish influences and a stunning coastline.

Canary Islands

This group of islands off the coast of northwestern Africa offers a very different experience than regions in mainland Spain.

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