Why Rome is Perfect for Kids this Summer

Once borders open, Rome is perfect for kids to enjoy topics from school and favorite foods.


Kids learn about gladiators and the Roman Empire in class, making the Colosseum extra special.


Roman Forum

History comes alive walking through the large Roman Forum ruins, where social and political life once centered.


Vatican City

As the smallest country in the world, kids will enjoy easily stepping in and out of two countries at the Vatican.


Trevi Fountain

Take turns tossing one, two, or three coins backs into Trevi Fountain, each number yielding a different fortune.


Terrazza del Popolo

The view from Terrazza del Popolo allows kids to locate the previous days' attractions from above.


Pizza al Taglio

While pizza itself was not invented in Rome, Pizza al Taglio, or pizza by the slice, was.



But perhaps the best reason kids will love Rome is the excuse to snack on fresh gelato multiple times a day.


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