Top Things to See in Rome

These top sights in Rome will have you eager to plan your Italy trip for once borders become open.

Trevi Fountain

As one of the most famous and most beautiful fountains in not only Rome, but the world, a stop at Trevi Fountain is a must.


This former-Roman-temple-turned-Catholic-church is free to enter and the best preserved building from all of ancient Rome.


Famous world-wide as the former gladiator battleground, Rome's Colosseum is the largest ancient amphitheater in the world.

Roman Forum

This impressive sprawl of magnificent ruins allows visitors a peek into public life during the ancient Roman Empire.

Vatican City

The smallest country in the world, Vatican City is home to a treasure trove of iconic Italian artwork and architecture.

Piazza Navona

With stunning water fountains on either end and cafes lining its side, Piazza Navona is one of Rome's most popular squares.

Vittoriano Monument

Built to honor the first king of a united Italy, the Vittoriano monument is unusually modern in comparison to its ancient surroundings.

Castel Sant'Angelo

A can't-miss while near the Vatican, Castel Sant'Angelo is worth a visit, even if only for the spectacular bridge to the fortress.

Spanish Steps

This popular meeting and hang out spot in Rome happens to also be Europe's widest staircase.

Arc of Constantine

The largest surviving arc of its kind, the Arch of Constantine sits just to the side of the Roman Colosseum.

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